Saturday, 7th August 2021

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WW2 Day at Crich Tramway Museum really is a spectacle to behold, with re-enactors dressed as if they're from the 'War Years Era'. Motor vehicles, small and large; traditions Old and New come together to make for a very atmospheric and nostalgic day.

Crich Tramway museum is home to an indoor display of transport, a 'period village scene' in addition to trams which you can ride!

**Veterans and a +1 gain access to the Tramway Museum for free. If you wish to dress in WW2 attire, you may get a discount on your entry to the Tramway Museum. 

* **Entry to Crich Tramway Museum may not be free of charge this year. Details will follow. Forms for re-enactors and veterans must be completed. Contact us for more information.



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