Friday, 4th June 2021

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A highly recommended trip by us; The Heart of Derbyshire consists of beautiful scenery, gorgeous streets and a wealth of shops and attractions.

There's too much to show you in Derbyshire, so our passengers have a choice of two locations within Derbyshire Dales:

- Matlock Bath: The seafront-style destination offers many attractions such as Amusement Arcades, Cable Car Rides, Aquariums and an array of restaurants. Take a stroll around the award winning river gardens surrounding the historic River Derwent.

- Bakewell: No points for guessing what this town is famous for! Quaint, narrow streets packed full of various traders and the best scenic walks by the river; this destination encapsulates the Derbyshire spirit.

Your knowledgable driver will let you in on Derbyshire's best kept secrets and historical facts as we travel through the scenic and historical county.


We're hopeful that the trips will run without interruption from COVID-19 restrictions. Just in case; we're pleased to offer a money back guarantee, if your trip is cancelled. In addition, availability of venues at any of our destinations might change - even more so in respect of the pandemic. If you'd like to find out more Terms and Conditions, you can contact us directly, we're happy to help!